Building Alterations

February 15, 2016
Danny Bray
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Maximise the use of space by reorganising and re-planning the room with structural alterations

structural alterations in huddersfield

It goes without saying that transforming and converting your existing living spaces into something with bright new potential is no use if the result is merely to enhance the look, style and purpose of the new interior. Being structurally sound is of the utmost importance for the safety of all occupants.

All works will have a full structural alterations design and will be carried out with building regulations plan submissions and building control inspections.

Wall Tie Replacement

A cavity wall is one that consists of two thicknesses of brickwork with a space between each set of brickwork. The function of cavity wall ties is to tie together the visible protective outer brickwork to it’s structural inner wall that bears majority the structures’ load. If these important wall ties fail then this can cause the separation of both sets of brickwork. The property can become structurally unsafe as a consequence.

“22% of dwellings constructed with cavity walls suffer from wall tie corrosion or failure and are in need of specialist remedial wall tie replacement”

Wall tie corrosion is a common problem in many older houses with cavity walls. Many types of older wall tie used to be made of mild steel but these type of wall ties have a high risk of suffering significant corrosion over the years, due to high moisture levels and dampness in the cavity and walls. This can lead to the walls, in particular the outer brickwork becoming structurally unstable. Here at Bray Building Services we can install a range of cost effective remedial stainless steel wall ties, of by either mechanical means or using resin, along with other associated products to suit most situations.
structural alterations in huddersfield
Symptoms of failed cavity wall ties:

  • Horizontal cracking at regular intervals in external mortar joints
  • Outward bulging of the wall
  • The lifting of roof edges
  • Internal cracks


Existing wall ties are located using a metal detector to find their pattern and density, inspection holes are then drilled to view a sample of the ties using a high intensity boroscope. Where necessary sample ties may be removed for more detailed analysis. All sample holes / disturbed mortar joints being made good during the survey.

Your walls are in the safest hands with our qualified and experienced team. If the survey results indicate corroded or insufficient ties the report will recommend a suitable replacement strategy.

Vertical Crack Repairs

Where cracks appear in walls, Bray Building Services will determine the reason for the movement, always seeking the professional judgement of a structural alterations engineer. Our team will then install cost effective quality stainless steel lateral restraints/crack tie bars in order to carry out a process known as ‘masonry crack stitching’ to repair any cracks and restore your walls to their former strength.

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